The Youth Educational Center

Programs for Youth Center

  • Conferences, round tables, seminars

    The relationship between the youth and the museum, traditional and modern art represented at the Hermitage are among the topics discussed at the international conferences, round tables and seminars at the Youth Center.

  • Educational programmes

    Specialized programmes on art history in the Hermitage halls for the organized groups of senior pupils and students of Russian and foreign higher educational institutions.

  • Lecture cycles

    Open lectures on the history and theory of classic and modern art delivered according to the uniquely designed courses.

  • Student Club

    Free classes for senior pupils, students and postgraduates given according to the uniquely designed courses by the Hermitage workers.

  • “Actual Art” Educational Programme

    The educational programme acquainting the audience with the Hermitage exhibitions of the famous Russian and foreign artists of the late 20th-early 21st century.